The search for asteroids steps up

The search for asteroids steps up

A private telescope is what asteroid hunters want.

Asteroid mining is set to be the future of space exploration because people on this planet have to start realizing that there has to be a valiant effort made at trying to get more access to resources. We don’t want to wait until it is too late and with the rate of population growth, it is pretty important that a conscientious effort will be made.

For now, though, astronomers and people at NASA seem to be focusing on locating asteroids that could possibly harm life on planet Earth. In order to better protect this planet, asteroid hunters are hopeful that they can obtain a private telescope.

This type of technology is going to be pretty costly to the tune of several hundred million dollars. But I guess this does not necessarily have to come as a surprise, as most NASA projects come with an enormous price tag that has many people on this planet wild about the space program.

Anyway, let me give you a short history lesson on how asteroids formed in the first place. Asteroids are basically remnants from the creation of the Solar System that occurred around 4.5 billion years ago. The majority of these asteroids are found in the famous Asteroid Belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter. But a few of them find their way into the Earth’s vicinity.

The group of former NASA astronauts and scientist are looking for funding for this project and have already obtained some of it. Venture Capitalists and other interested firms from Silicon Valley have poured in hundreds of thousands of dollars for the endeavor too.