DARPA Space Programs Funding Reduced In 2021 Budget Request

  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a federal agency that does futuristic research for the government. They are active across a wide range of sciences and technologies. They are not a U.S. space agency, but they do have a space projects umbrella called PE 0603287E. The budget for 2021 was one hundred and ninety million dollars.

Boeing HorizonX Has Been Investing In Miniature Ion Propulsion Engines

    Boeing has been in the news a lot lately. Unfortunately, a lot of the media coverage has been about problems at the company with respect to space projects. Boeing unexpectedly pulled out of a DARPA spaceplane project without any explanation. Very recently, the failure of the test for a manned launch vehicle was attributed to software.

The Chinese Are Working On Space-based Solar Power

     Human civilization requires a great deal of energy to continue to operate and expand. Fossil fuels are going to be retired to help mitigate climate change. Nuclear power plants are popular in a few countries, but many existing power plants are being shut down as the industrialized West turns away from nuclear power.