Power Generation - Aerospace Corp. and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Are Working On Shrinking Radioactive Thermoelectric Generators

     Radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs) have been the power plants of interplanetary spacecraft for fifty years. However, one major problem is that they are relatively heavy. Modern RTGs may weigh hundreds of pounds. They are fine for large-scale missions, but they are prohibitively big for small scale missions to the outer planets.

Technology - Researches At The University Of Colorado Working On Tractor Beam To Remove Space Junk

     Currently there are tens of thousands of chucks of space debris floating around in low Earth orbit. All of these pieces of space junk are bigger than a softball. The orbital junk yard is becoming a problem for the global economy and military forces because they are increasingly depending on satellites.

Propulsion - Pulsar Fusion And Princeton Satellite Systems Are Working On A Nuclear Fusion Rocket

     U.K. clean space propulsion systems and services company Pulsar Fusion has formed a partnership with U.S.-based Princeton Satellite Systems to use artificial intelligence (AI) to design a hyper-fast space rocket that will be capable of reaching Mars in only 30 days.