U.S. X-37B Unmanned Space Craft Will Test Power Beaming From Orbit - Part 1 of 3 Parts.

Boeing X-37B_2020_1.jpg

Boeing X-37B in faring prior to launch

Part 1 of 3 Parts
    The U.S. Air Force commissioned Boeing to construct the unmanned Boeing X-37 also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle in 1999. This space vehicle was about a quarter the size of the Space Shuttle. The project was transferred from NASA to the Department of Defense in 2004.

SpaceX Is Testing The Fifth Version Of It's Starship Spacecraft - Part 2 of 2 Parts

SpaceX Starship.jpg


Part 2 of 2 Parts (Please read Part 1 first)
    Initially, SpaceX had intended to hop the SN3 about five hundred feet. However, since the collapse of the SN3, SpaceX now intends to make test hops with the SN4. If they do, they will only be small hops that do not require that the Raptor engines be relit.

Xplore Collaborating With Nanoracks To Launch Small Payloads

Xplore is a private space company in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 2017 by Lisa Rich who is the Chief Operation Officer and Jeff Rich who is Chief Executive Officer. The two are also managing partners of Hemisphere Ventures in Seattle. HV has invested in over two hundred companies including such space ventures as SpaceX, Vector Launch and Axiom Space.