Colonizing - Reseacrhers At The University Of Manchester Are Working On Building Materials For The Moon and Mars


     One of the many challenges of constructing buildings in space is that it will require cost-effective building materials generated on site. It would be prohibitively expensive to be launching bricks and mortar into space.

University of Michigan Team Working On Improving Power Of Hall Ion Thrusters

      Hall thrusters are a form of electronic propulsion known as ion thrusters being developed for satellites and spacecraft. Ion thrusters work by accelerating ionized particles of gas like xenon using a magnetic field. They have conventionally been used to adjust the orbit of satellites in Earth orbit.

Astroscale Is Developing A Space Junk Removal System

     Space junk is a very real problem. It might seem implausible that the space around the Earth is actually getting too cluttered with junk, but, nonetheless, it is true. There are thousands of tons of old spacecraft, defunct satellites, and bits and pieces of manmade trash orbiting our planet. That material poses a some very real risks to future missions.

New Lunar Missions Are Being Prepared

     Multiple uncrewed lunar landings are planned for the next twelve months. They are spurred by a renewed effort in the U.S. to return humans to the lunar surface later this decade. Both private space companies and national agencies are set to make the two hundred- and forty-thousand-mile voyage to our celestial neighbor. They will test landing capabilities, look for usable water ice, and more.