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Celestial Show: Our Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury light up the sky

"The planets Jupiter and Venus are actually converging"

For all you space enthusiasts out there, it was a pretty amazing view if you looked up at the sky over the weekend. There was actually a heavenly triangle that had a crescent moon at the top and the gas giant Jupiter and “Queen of the Sky” Venus forming the bases. Jupiter and Venus are in fact the brightest planets in the Solar System.

This celestial show was on again last evening for those of who might have missed it Saturday night. The celestial show can be seen by people across the globe and it is not exclusive to viewers only in a certain location as is the case with a lot of events like this. The closest planet to the Sun, Mercury, will also be seen if you look diligently below Venus close to the horizon.

The planets Jupiter and Venus are actually converging and what’s more they will get closer and closer in the sky as we move into March. The celestial show will go on till mid-March where there is a spectacular finale that I for one am greatly looking forward to. On March 13 and 14, Jupiter and Venus will be very close to each other. This is going to make for a gorgeous sight in the evening sky!

These planets and the Moon will continue to light up the sky and provide astronomers with a lot to observe in these next two weeks. Be sure to catch the action and a leave a comment below about the celestial show!