The Martian Dream

The Martian Dream

Could there possibly be a new space race?

Since ancient times, people have always dreamt of the Red Planet. When looking at what governments are hoping to do in the future, there is an indication that there could be another space race. This is all very exciting for me, but will it be governments like Japan and Russia that will lead the way or will it be the Americans who will be the pioneers like they always have been?

When looking at the future, you can look at it with a glass half full or half empty. I choose the former and the United States has made strong progress with its $2.5 billion Curiosity Rover mission that a human mission to Mars is being strongly considered by planners and policymakers.

There may be even a colony on Mars by 2060 and this bodes well for a wonderful future sparked by American innovation. The Red Planet has been identified as one of those places in the Universe where human beings could thrive albeit with space suits. But it's not that easy. For instance, calling the Earth from Mars will be challenging because it could take as much 20 minutes to transmit a single word like "hello."

But the good thing is that Mars seems to be a lot like home in some ways with its caves, minerals and water. Astronauts are practicing for a mission to Mars with attempts being made like the "Mars 500" that was done by the European Space Agency.

I guess nothing is impossible and we will be able to one day live out the Martian Dream.