January 2016

Growing Wall of Space Junk in Low Earth Orbit Is a Political and Military Danger

        I have blogged before about all the space junk orbiting the Earth. It is a huge problem and is getting worse with every launch. Space agencies on Earth are tracking over twenty three thousand pieces of space junk bigger than four inches. (For comparison, a baseball is about three inches in diameter.) It is estimated that there are trillions of smaller particles.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Is Now Producing Plutonium-238 For Space Missions

        I have blogged in the past about the U.S. shortage of plutonium-238. Plutonium-238 is an radioactive isotope of plutonium which is very useful in the construction of space probes for the exploration of space. It has a half-life of eighty eight years which means that its production of heat will take that long to fall to half its original output.