October 2015

New Report Details Chinese Space Weapons Development

       I have talked about space weapons in general and Chinese militarization of space in particular in past blog posts. A new report expected soon from the congressional U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission will provide details of the Chinese space weapons programs. These weapons are referred to as counterspace arms because they are intended to destroy or jam U.S. satellites and limit American combat operations around the world.

SpaceX Angers Texas Town

       I am a booster of human space exploration. I enjoy writing this blog about it. Up until recently, space exploration was the exclusive province of the national governments. In the U.S. NASA is the primary federal agency responsible for space exploration. However, in the past few years, private entrepreneurs have begun building and launching spacecraft.

Boeing Launches 702SP Communications Satellites Which Are First To Be Ion Thruster Powered

             Conventional propulsion systems for satellite and spacecraft maneuvering in space utilize some sort of combustive fuel to direct explosive products out of the rear of the vehicle to move it forward. Because there is no oxygen in space, these systems must combine a flammable substance with an oxidizer.