October 2014

Preventing Large Asteroids from Striking the Earth - Part 1

          In recent posts I talked about asteroids in the context of exploratory probes, mineral resources and international property rights. Today, I want to talk about the threat to Earth of asteroid strikes and some possible ways of diverting approaching asteroids. The Earth was originally formed from many collisions of smaller bodies in the primordial solar disk. The lunar surface displays the many asteroid impacts that is has suffered.

How India Built An Inexpensive Mars Probe

          In my last post, I talked about the recent Indian mission to Mars called the Mangalyaan which is Mars in the Hindi language. The first Mars probe from India achieved Mars orbit on September 24th of 2014. In the previous post, I mentioned that the Indian probe with much less expensive than the recent MAVEN probe that was launched to Mars by the United States.

Indian Satellite Now In Orbit Around Mars

          I have covered the Indian space program in previous posts. While not as sophisticated or extensive as some other national space programs, India reached an important milestone with its first interplanetary mission. India's Mars probe entered orbit around Mars on September 24, 2014. The Mars Orbital Mission (MOM) or (Mangalyaan in Sanskrit) was launched in November of 2013 from the Satish Dhawa Space Center on a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.