April 2014

Chinese Space Program 14 - Chinese Lunar Exploration Program 3

           The successful landing of the Jade Rabbit lunar rover on the Moon by China was the last mission of Phase II of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program also known as the Chang'e program after a Chinese lunar goddess. There have been some technical problems with temperature changes and communications but the rover has been able to carry out some parts of its mission.

Chinese Space Program 12 - Chinese Lunar Exploration Program 1

           The Chinese Lunar Exploration Program (A.K.A. the Chang'e program) is a Chinese space program that has utilized and will utilize lunar orbiters, lunar landers, lunar rovers and lunar sample returners to explore the Moon. Chang'e is a Chinese lunar goddess. Ouyang Ziyuan is the chief scientist of the program. He is one of the first Chinese scientists to advocate exploitation of lunar helium-3 for future nuclear fusion reactors.