January 2014

Chinese Space Program 2 - History 2

         At the end of World War II, the Russians and the Americans both captured German rocket scientists and rocket technology. Mao Zedong led a communist revolution and rose to power in China in1949. Concerned with the U.S. threat to use nuclear weapons in the Korean War in the early Fifties, Mao decided that China needed to have nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them in order to be respected and taken seriously by the other major powers.

Chinese Space Program 1 - History 1

         I have been fascinated by the China since I was a child. Their civilization has existed for thousands of years. Periodically, they would have a strong leader who would unite the country and provide stability for exploration, innovation and trade. Then their empire would collapse from corruption and civil war or external invasion. After a time, a strong leader would arise to unify the nation and the cycle would repeat.