May 2012

There are always two sides to any story.

Space exploration is not doomed after all.

Let me repeat, there are always two sides to any story. This is good news for all you space enthusiasts and people who frequent this Space Report blog. It is like what President Obama said in his State of the Union speech: The people who think America is no longer a dominant global player are so wrong. The more I read and talk to people, the more I realize how true this is.

In other words, it is perception and the same can be said for all talk about the demise of NASA and space exploration. The dollars that NASA receives may have dwindled, but we all know that the companies or governments that spend the most money on any venture are not necessarily the ones who stand to profit the most.

The “Billionaire Age” is good for space exploration

Google bigwigs Larry Page and Eric Schmidt and famous movie director James Cameron are big names backing space projects

Man has always been somewhat mesmerized by space and the universe in general. It is the question of who are we and is there anybody else out there? It is something that has puzzled me ever since I read about this stuff in a chemistry textbook back in middle school.

Little did I know then that space exploration was such a big deal and it would gain such wealthy backers. I have already talked about Elon Musk and his SpaceX ship that will launch later this week. One of my favorite billionaires Paul Allen has always been a big backer of space and has funded a lot of projects in relation to it and other science stuff.

Get to Know Elon Musk

The preppy titan with a multifaceted personality

Any space enthusiast should become familiar with Elon Musk who is a 40-year-old, soon-to-be billionaire and the man who runs SpaceX. Elon came to America because he felt that great things were possible in this country and judging by the way he lives he has definitely eaten it all up.

Not to mention going to the best schools like the University of Pennsylvania where he studied physics and business and then a lot of science and physics at what I feel is the best university in the world: Stanford. He seems very pleased to be living in the modern age and why not with the success that he is enjoying. It is very pleasing for a space enthusiast like myself to see that the future of space, space travel and engineering is in the hands of a personality such as his.