March 2011

Worst UFO Video

UFO 'flying over Naples' ?

ITN has a video on the net. A video that looks to me to be the worst video of a supposed UFO that I have ever seen, and I've seen many videos of supposed, and what looks like unexplained, UFOs.

ITN is a United Kingdom news channel, and the footage of an erratic, jittery light over Naples, Italy, which it has posted on the net, footage that the ITN news announcer claims is of an orbiting light, that has led to speculation about extraterrestrial activity over Italy, is pathetic. The footage is pathetic. The claim is pathetic.

I wonder who put ITN up to this? It is two days before April Fools day. Maybe somebody forgot today's date and put this blurry thing out on the net early? The thing looks like something a mischievous middle school kid did using photo shop. It looks so fake that funny is falling off of it.