September 2010

Scientists Report Most Earth-like Planet Ever

Another Earth? OMG! Isn't One Enough?!

Item from the Associated Press -- "A team of planet-hunting scientists say they've discovered a planet 20 light years from earth that could be the most earth-like body ever found."

What does this mean? Newly discovered planet may be habitable? Well, the dudes who should know, the scientist, right, are hinting that this new planet is just right for life?


No reasons for concern, says NASA

Item from the Associated Press -- "NASA says two small asteroids discovered just days ago will zip harmlessly past Earth on Wednesday ..."

Yup. Discovered just a few days ago.

What else would they tell us? I don't ever expect to see a bulletin like this: 'Issuing non-bulletins from an abandon mine shaft, NASA brass have no comment on that giant shadow covering our planet earth.'

The AP item concludes -- "Asteroid 2010 RX30, thought to be 32 to 65 feet long, will pass within 154,000 miles of Earth shortly before 3 a.m. PDT Wednesday. The second one, dubbed 2010 RF12, will fly by about 11 hours later at a distance of about 49,000 miles. NASA says the second one is 20 to 46 feet long."

Huh, huh.