July 2010

NASA Unveils New Plan to Keep Manned Space Flight Going

After taking a big hit from the imploded economy and several technical problems with the planned shuttle follow up, NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) was all but certain to see the end of the shuttle program and manned space flight; however, officials have been hard at work trying to come up with a plan to save the space program and to keep the shuttle out of retirement.

UFOs Over China

What is it with the UFOs? It seems like they are popping up everywhere. Two UFOs have popped up in China: The first seven days ago over Xiaoshan Airport. This sighting shut the air port down. A second one, yesterday,  in Chongqing in eastern China. The second is reported to really have folks in China worried, and expressing their anxiety. These UFOs were photographed and allegedly captured on radar. Allegedly, because the Chinese government isn't releasing any information about them.

Witnesses to the second sighting told Shanghai Daily they saw "four lantern-like objects forming a diamond shape that hovered over the city's Shaping Park for over an hour."