July 2009

Last Night: Longest Total Solar Eclipse of the Century

The total solar eclipse July 22, 2009 set a record for the longest and darkest of the 21st century. In eastern China and India today, the eclipse was watched in numbers under its trajectory across Southeast Asia. Reports of the day quickly becoming pitch black also accompanied by a drop in temperature, spooking zoo animals and inspiring reflection in onlookers. The eclipse lasted 6 minutes and 39 seconds and will not be surpassed in length until January 2132.

The stunning spectacle in the sky was 2 of 3 total eclipses happening in a 1-month period. The third will occur August 6th.

More information can be found at NASA's eclipse bulletin board.





Possible Damage to Shuttle After Recent Launch

After more than a month of problems and delays and five previously aborted attempts the shuttle Endeavor finally launched Wednesday evening. The launches had been delayed by an array of problems including hydrogen leaks and bad weather that hindered their launch abilities. During the launch the shuttle was hit by pieces of debris that broke off from the fuel tank as Endeavor took off. Initial observations made by the ground grew when Endeavor made its launch made a quick assessment of the perceived damage which they do not believe is as severe as the damage that occurred during the launch of the last shuttle. However, they will be spending the next day or so going over all of the photographs taking of the launch to get a better idea of the damage that may have been caused to Endeavor and shuttle integrity.

NASA to release polished moonwalk footage

For those of you who believe that man has walked on the moon, NASA will today unveil enhanced footage of Neil Armstrong’s famous moonwalk where he uttered the famous words “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” before his hair burst into flames on the set of the Pepsi commercial. What? Ohhh, the other moonwalk… Sorry, just not over the King of Pop yet.

NASA Pillownauts

NASA, in an effort to study the long

term effects of low gravity on humans has been using paid human research volunteer "pillownauts" who spend months, face up, lying in a bed tilted to 9.5 degrees, with their feet placed firmly against a panel. This setup puts roughly the same gravitational stress on the pillownaut's feet as the moon would. Ronita Cromwell, a NASA senior research scientist heading up the project explains that "What we're doing is removing some of the effects of 1 G and achieving one-sixth G along the long axis of the body."

UFO sightings at all time record HIGH in 2009

UFO sightings are at an all time high, as reported by the U.K.'s Ministry of Defense. A total of 231 so far in the first 6 months of the year rivals every end of year total thus far, which have been steadily increasing. In 2008, 285 total sightings supported with video or photos were submitted to the MoD.

In reporting on a spring 2009 Atlantis mission, Fox News shows some clear footage of "space debris" flying alongside and just below the space shuttle as it attempts to return to Earth. Clearly, the debris appears to be three UFOs flying close enough for cameras to record their observation of the space shuttle. The following attempts of NASA personnel to dismiss the footage as inconsequential are trite and unconvincing.